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Aluminum Door Repair

Aluminum Door Repair

Aluminum Door Repair, DMV Window Specialist. Order the repair of aluminum doors of any manufacturer with different fitting , as well as modernize the door from aluminum.

  • Eliminate the problems of the castle or change it to a new one
  • Adjust or replace the door hardware
  • Eliminate defects (chips, scratches, etc.) of the profile
  • Solve the problem with blowing and drafts (replacement of seals)
  • Add to the construction of the door additional points of clamps, elements (for example, additional transom).

Causes of breakage of aluminum doors

  • Poor-quality installation
  • Incorrect operation of the structure
  • Simple wear of the accessories
  • Seizure or breakage of the lock mechanism (relatively inexpensive repair)
  • Aging of the sealant

Foggy & Broken Glass Replacement

Providing and offering our professional services to repair and fix any of your broken glass doors and windows. Any type of broken glass repairs at your service and foggy glass. Aluminum Door Repair and Installation services in VA DC MD.

Features of repair of doors from aluminum

  • Doors, after their breakdown, require the most prompt intervention of a specialist. They are associated with the greatest traffic and any failure is capable of rapidly scaling.
  • In view of the complexity of the design, it is not recommended to perform self-repair in handicraft conditions.
  • When replacing parts, it is better to use only original accessories and fittings.

You can get a free consultation or ask any interesting question by phone or email and our specialists will solve any of your problems. Aluminum Door Repair services is here whenever you need us!
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Aluminum Door Repair

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